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ZionFire Past Events

In addition to local commitments in the Kansas City, Missouri area, ZionFire is invited to various events, large and small, around the country over the course of each year. Sometimes we bring pageantry, sometimes environment, teaching, retreats, music, or these in some combination.

If you are interested in having us participate in your event, please contact us. If you want information about any of the events on the <URL url="http://zionfire.com/calendar.php">calendar, let us know and we'll try to provide more as it becomes available.

<QUOTE author="Next event">
Next event Wrote:<IMG content="http://i1.ifrm.com/6695/23/upload/p12106556.jpg">[Image: p12106556.jpg] - CEC Central Province Convocation, Maryland. June 8-10.

ZionFire and the CCOTK dancers minister on the first Sunday of every month at Cathedral Church of the King, Olathe, KS.

<STAFF>[staff]<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: Evening of prayer and worship, Kansas City Sept 28, 2012[/staff]</STAFF>

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: Teshuva meetings, Kansas City, MO Colonial Presbyterian Sept 9, 10, 11 2012

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: June 9-10, 2012: Paul Wilbur concert in Canfield, Ohio

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: Online seminar "God Loves a Parade" Pageantry discussion. February 25, 6-8pm EST Telecast format. <URL url="http://jocelynrichard.typepad.com/">http://jocelynrichard.typepad.com/ . . . . . . . <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=1979">Listen to AUDIO mp3 recording of this teaching

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: Christ the King Feast, Nov 22 Pageantry ministry at home church in Olathe, KS

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>:ICCEC International Convocation August, 2008 in Orlando Florida. ZionFire is responsible for creating environment and overseeing and providing pageantry and dance for the event.

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=1696">A Night to Honor Israel--Miami, Florida; November 6 at the James L Knight Center. Details on the ZionFireFriends forum as they become available. Featured speaker will be John Hagee. ZionFire & Sweet Aroma (ZFFriend Sae Reese's ministry) will bring movement and pageantry to honor Israel and God's people. [<URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=1696">event report]

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: June 10-12 Central Province Convocation. Walking out the Vision

<COLOR color="#993399">Event completed</COLOR>: <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=1671">Report on Sep 13-15 conference--Rain, Rein, Reign 24/7 Three Six Five Conference in Las Vegas, NV.