Full Version: The purpose of this forum
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We would like to make an honored place for the pastors among us to add their wisdom to the discussions here at ZFF. We have designated this forum for that purpose, in order to give recognition of their calling and glean some benefit from their experience, wisdom and advice.

If you are a pastor and are not identified as such in this community, please PM Dean or me so that we can assign you the special name icon <IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p159622/ichthus.png">[Image: ichthus.png]. That will allow other members reading your posts to have a sense of the unique perspective you bring to the discussions. We welcome your contributions of sermon notes, insights or exegetical studies you feel would benefit members here.

Members are also free to start question or issue topics for responses from a pastoral perspective, and of course can also participate in any discussion here, not only your own.

It is our hope that even more understanding between worship artists and the shepherds they serve with can come from this format.