Full Version: looking for a way to support Israel?
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Isaiah 40:1 is the home for the very first words sung in Handel's renowned oratorio, The Messiah. Handel and his lyricist were both Christian men and had studied enough of the Word to know how important God's chosen people were to Him. The whole concept of comforting His people is expressed in various parts of Isaiah. In 59:16, God sees that there was no man,and provided salvation by His own arm. In 61:2, part of the Redeemer's ministry is seen in the comforting of those in Zion who mourn.

How can those of us who are not in Israel properly or effectively comfort Israel? After doing a teaching at church where we talked about Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem, there was a need to help people find an outlet for blessing and comforting Jerusalem, to put feet and hands to our desires to help effect peace in individual lives.

As a result, we thought there might be others who find themselves in a similar situation. We can offer four ministries with whom we have had experience, that we would trust with our money and to be our hands and feet in the lives of people in the Land.

<URL url="http://www.icej.org/">International Christian Embassy -Jerusalem

<URL url="http://www.bridgesforpeace.com/">Bridges for Peace

<URL url="http://www.cfijerusalem.net/">Christian Friends of Israel

<URL url="http://www.davidstent.org/">Final Frontier Ministries (Avner & Rachel Boskey, Messianics living in Israel, reaching the Jews through fresh, original music)