Full Version: Let's talk about idolatry
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Quote:.....my response is that what's important is what's going on in the heart and mind.

So Flaglady, when you give this response, how is it received? Have you been able to mollify the offense already taken by someone who views it as idol worship?

This seems to be a big issue for some in the messianic community especially.
We have ministry processional that we do. It uses the 8 <URL url="http://zionfire.com/gallery.php#YHWH%20Covenant%20Names">Covenant Names of God banners to the music "O Lord God of Israel (who keeps covenant and shows mercy....)". In the repeat of the song, we use just the instrumental version and a voice-over narration that invites people to receive the promises of God associated with each Covenant Name.

Many times, people are moved to come and kneel before the banners as the Lord ministers to them the truths of his character and covenants. Those worshippers are not kneeling to the banner. I'm sure they would think it was amusing to hear that someone thought that they were. They are most definitely kneeling before the Lord, and acting out in a physical way the thing that is welling up in their hearts. The banner is just a physical touchpoint--a proclamation of the Kindom truth. It focuses them on that aspect of God in that moment.
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