Full Version: Should guests view the ministry discussions?
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Right now, guests can, without registering, read all the forums on this message board except the forums marked with this description: <IMG content="http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/291/p2563765lb5.png">[Image: p2563765lb5.png]<COLOR color="#B22222">MEMBERS ONLY FORUM</COLOR>

We want to do things that encourage this message board to grow.

What do you think? Is it good for visitors who have not registered here to have permission to read in the ministry forums?

Do you think it entices people to join us, or do you think that because they can read without registering, that it discourages people from joining us?

Are there other reasons you might not want guests to read the ministry forums? Other reasons you think it is a good idea?

We would appreciate your thoughts, thanks!
I don't think guests should be able to view the forum discusions, since registration is free.
There is also an option to allow guests to read the forums, but not see the pictures posted in them. So if this option was used, guests for instance would be allowed to read the posts on banners, but could not view the pictures of the banners inserted in the posts.