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Greetings, I am trying to make a "mosaic" style picture using cut paper rather than stone. I want it to have an "ethereal" look. a magic, pearlescent, glittery look to it after I am finished. I have tried gold glitter spray, brush on glitter paint pearlescent medium in clear suspension and it just isn't looking right, The gold glitter looks ugly brown and sandy on the paper until the light is shining on it at which time it looks fantastic. The spray glitter gave a more even coating but then again makes the picture look sandy and yucky . Got any ideas?

Maybe an opaque pearlescent lightish gold paint that is dusted with superfine glitter? Or, let the paint dry, then redo the edges then dust with the glittter for just an edge sparkle effect maybe.

Is there such a paint? I'll peruse Hobby Lobby and the internet to see what I can find. Is there such a thing as pearlescent glitter that isn't gold?
I think I might have some pale gold fabric paint that is a bit opalescent. I'll check and see it I can get you a brand name or something more specific to go on.
One of the problems in finishing (ANY medium) is porosity. Paper is a booger to finish because it sucks up your stuff and does so irregularly. Many soft woods have similar troubles. You have to get the paper sealed. You might be able to use a water base glue thinned by about 50% brushed on thick and let it dry. They you'll be painting the hardened glue surface.

Are you looking for any shape to these bits of faux mosaic? Are you going to create that faux shape by using shading?

Just curious, as always. :blink: