Full Version: there's a cost to extravagant worship
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I'd never heard the term "extravagant worship" before but I know that's what I do! My flag worship often reduces me to pulp after a particularly energetic session! And my doc says I should get more exercise! I told her she should come and see me at church!

But when you said "it costs us" that I could relate to! I've wrecked both my shoulders which now require surgery some time - can't decide when because my knees now both require joint replacements (and probably my hips as well but I won't blame the flag worship for that! Just my great weight and maybe my age of 64!). However, I'm still believing God for a miracle both of healing and weight loss! But I rarely experience pain or inability to function when I lift the flags - quite the opposite. As a friend said - "It's the annointing!"

But even if I'd known this was on the cards, it wouldn't have stopped me doing the flag worship - it's the most wonderful spiritual experience ever and the Holy Spirit has always dictated what I do within it so who am I to complain or criticise about the consequences?! God never promised us it would be an easy ride to worship Him.

Got another 'cost' today - keep getting blisters on my right little finger - heaven knows why! Confusedhrug: Anybody got any suggestions as to how I can prevent them!!?
Gloves? Band-aid? Smooth out your flag sticks?

Something is rubbing somewhere it shouldn't be!
Curious.....did you ever figure out the little right finger thing?
Flag Lady, have you tried athletic tape around your pinkie? It can be had in flesh tone so that it is more or less invisible.

Worth a try, methinks.

Or try flagging "high class", and lift your pinkie as with a goodly porceline cup of tea! <EMOJI seq="1f607">:innocent:</EMOJI>
Oh, shame, shame - ypou can see I haven't done more than dip into this site for ages!!<IMG content="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b286/flagady15/smilies/redface.gif">[Image: redface.gif]

No, I never got it sorted. I think it was something to do with the heat and the missing Sundays so I was out of practice. Yet I never got blisters when we were rehearsing for WearAlive! Funny that!

The sticks are quite smooth and gloves, sadly, seem to make the matter worse. So I guess it's the sticky plaster. Must try that. Except it doesn't always seem to happen. Confusedhrug: