Full Version: New zionfire.com website is open
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It's finally come to fruition--all our ideas to make a new home for the ZionFire banner gallery have come together after nearly 2 years of planning, designing, and developing.

Take a look and help us smooth out any rough edges by by reporting bugs or other issues you encounter while browsing the site.

This message board theme will also be undergoing some changes shortly to better integrate it into the new site. When we are done, both sites will share the same navigation menu. So look for a couple changes here as well. Smile

Check it out: <URL url="http://zionfire.com/">http://zionfire.com/

Love the nw front page...the rest is beautiful as ever....long tedious but well worth all the planning and worksmanship...kudos to all who worked on this project

I was blown away by the graphics. Amazing!

I cannot tell where you need to tweak it 1%.

Off to print a few totally awesome articles.
Thanks for the comments, and yes, tweaking we still are.

Our theme here has just been updated. Please report any issues you encounter. Smile

We've put particular effort into making the navigation easy. If there is anything you find confusing in making your way around the site, it would be most helpful to us to know that.