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Currently, I'm about to embark on a banner project that is different that what I usually am moved to do. I will be creating a banner with our church's new logo on it. Not large, about 5 feet high, to hang in the church foyer. If you are interested in the symbolism of the logo, you can read about it <URL url="http://cechome.com/?page_id=91">HERE

<IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1043959/CEClogosmall.jpg" height="150" img="90,150" width="90">[Image: CEClogosmall.jpg] CEC: The Sacraments, The Word, The Spirit

I do expect, as always happens when I work on a banner, that the Lord will meet me and teach me new things. I may talk about some of those things. For now, my plan is to use the old banner as a base, and apply a new background to the center with the updated logo. I'm assembling materials and making patterns now, but I'll give an update with there is some progress.
The banner is now finished.

It was delayed because I was looking for white and black embossed fabric for the background and I was unsuccessful in the search. In the end, as I prayed about it, I felt that I should give one more look through the provisions already in the "storehouse". I had a roll of fabric that was donated to me years ago. It contained several long lengths of slipper satin. One of the pieces was an off-white. Normally, I avoid using satin...it's just a miserable fabric to work with because it shows every little mark and imperfection. However, for this project, I think it works. The reason is that the appliqued shapes are simple, and I used the matte side of the fabric rather than the shiny one. The other fabric I had in my stash was a 60" wide black matte charmeuse. A little soft for a background fabric, but with the slipper satin as the stabilizer, I was able to use the black for the back and wrap it around the sides to form the black borders. It gives the simple, but elegant clean look I was going for.

In the end, I think the simplicity of the design and fabrics underscore the simplicity of the message of the Three Streams and the unequivocal commitment to life in all its forms. You can't get much more of a contrast than the starkness of white against black.

Thank you Lord, for the provision of the storehouse!

[Image: CEClogobanner.png]

A major focus of our denomination is a commitment to Life. Not just anti-abortion, but the celebration of life in all forms. The message on the back of the banner supports that focus.

[Image: AllLife.png]