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<BIG>[big]<BIG>[big]Restore the Roar[/big]</BIG>[/big]</BIG>

The king's wrath is like the roaring of a lion, But his favor is like dew on the grass. --Proverbs19:12

This is a banner built for our intercessory ministry at our church. The prayer movement is being called "Restore the Roar", and the banner is meant to reinforce the declaration that the church rise up with the "roar of a lion and make a wide path of destruction in the enemy's camp."

<IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/12415/42/0/p1046245/RestoretheRoar500.png">[Image: RestoretheRoar500.png]

The colors: Blue in the background represents the heavens and the revelation of God. The Lion is gold, which speaks of glory and deity. Red is the color of warfare, and of the Blood which is the power behind our warfare.

The blocks at the top suggest the parapets on the ramparts of Jerusalem, and are a reference that intercessory ministry involves the watchmen on the wall, who both look out for what is coming to the city and also alert the inhabitants.

The stripes and tassels at the bottom suggest the tallit, or prayer shawl, the private prayer closet of all praying Jews, and a reminder that it is from that prayer closet that the Lion can roar.
<COLOR color="navy"><BIG>[big]There is such a strong push on prayer right now. The Holy Spirit is causing this call to intimacy in prayer to be proclaimed from pulpits and lecterns around the world.

The "roar" is not a new thing, however. Think about Jesus on the cross. Mark 15:37 is where Jesus gives a loud cry and breathes His last. We could identify that loud cry as putting the enemy on notice, ROARING and telling the enemy that the wide path of destruction has only just begun.[/big]</BIG>

<COLOR color="#ee4a2d"><BIG>[big]<BIG>[big]ROAR!!![/big]</BIG>[/big]</BIG></COLOR>
Liked the banner and the title given "Restore the roar" is really complementing it.