Full Version: Hi everyone.
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I'm your friendly kiwi finally here after hearing some good things about the place.. I'm an inquisitive fellow, so don't be surprised if I ask a lot of questions during my visits.. I like to learn, so hence any questions I might ask...
Hey Sandy, you made it. Smile welcome.

If you need any help finding your way around, just ask.
Hi SandyC! Welcome aboard! Always glad to have another kiwi on board. The other known kiwi is now living in Perth Ozland.

We very much enjoy the opportunity to share what we feel God has deposited. There is such a richness when we look at the entire heritage that He's provided.

Thanks guys.. I'm sure I'll have a few questions to ask once I find my way round. I hope no one gets annoyed if I ask too much, I tend to keep asking until I get things clear in my thick old head, lol...
Australia is a bit of a move, it's around 1,300 miles from here to Melbourne or Sydney, then a further 2000 plus to Perth.. I haven't quite figured out why people would live there yet, the temperatures get well over 120 fahrenheit in summer...