Full Version: Evening of Prayer and Worship - Kansas City
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ZionFire will be part of the ministry at An Evening of Prayer and Worship, Sept 28, 2012, Kansas City at Colonial Presbyterian church.

This gathering is an opportunity to pray and repent 40 days before the presidential election.


We'll be providing our traveling Ark of the Covenant as an altar focus for the event.
Some pix of the Ark setting we did for the event:

<IMG content="http://z4.ifrm.com/30121/36/0/p1139217/arkWcross.png">[Image: arkWcross.png]

Some closeups:

<URL url="http://z4.ifrm.com/30121/36/0/p1139218/arkClose.png">[Image: arkClose.png]

<URL url="http://z4.ifrm.com/30121/36/0/p1139219/Ark3.png">[Image: Ark3.png]

It was a beautiful evening time of meditating on the new testament application of the tabernacle furniture, and our office as part of the holy priesthood of believers. In the midst of the worship, there was opportunity to gather in small groups and pray together.