Full Version: Psalm 122
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Psalm 122

Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

A Song of Ascents, of David
<LIST type="decimal">
  1. <LI>
  2. I was glad when they said to me,

    "Let us go to the house of the LORD."</LI>
  3. Our feet are standing

    Within your gates, O Jerusalem,</LI>
  4. Jerusalem, that is built

    As a city that is compact(ed) together;</LI>
  5. To which the tribes go up, even the tribes of the LORD—

    An ordinance for Israel—

    To give thanks to the name of the LORD.</LI>
  6. For there thrones were set for judgment,

    The thrones of the house of David.</LI>

  7. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

    "May they prosper who love you.</LI>
  8. "May peace be within your walls,

    And prosperity within your palaces."</LI>
  9. For the sake of my brothers and my friends,

    I will now say, "May peace be within you."</LI>
  10. For the sake of the house of the LORD our God,

    I will seek your good.</LI>
</LIST>Our village gets smaller and the mountains get larger each hour of the journey. Part of the journey is to encourage one another. Remember leaving Egypt? We were old and young and everything in between. The very young and the very old were helped by the able-bodied. We gladly extended an arm and shared the burdens and loads of others making the exodus.

I am always glad when my brothers and sisters beckon me for time in His presence, in His city, in His temple. LET'S GO!!! So very soon, my feet will be standing within the walls; what a joy that thought brings. Ah, Jerusalem. The name brings fond memories of our last pilgrimage. It's a "city compacted together". That phrase has puzzled me for years. I asked Rabbi about it during a synagogue time. In David's time, Jerusalem was actually two cities with two peoples. It's the cities of Salem and Sion (or Zion) with the Hebrew descendents living in Salem and the fort of Sion was held by the Jebusites. Two cities, two peoples, two religions, yet when David came and conquered the Jebusites, it became one "compacted" city.

David gives good instruction here, not only to pray but how to pray. Jesus taught how to pray in the "Our Father" as well as teaching that we ought to pray. Pray that those who love Jerusalem would prosper and that there might be God's Shalom "within the walls." Jesus is the Prince of Peace, peace personified. As believers in Messiah, we can pray that the truth of Messiah would be manifest within the walls. The brothers might well be people like those in our party, believers in YHVH (and Messiah). The friends there might be people like the Jebusites who we know, but who do not believe in or worship our God. For the sake of brother and friend, I will indeed proclaim, "Peace within your walls, O Jerusalem. I choose to seek the very best for you."