Full Version: For the Life of the World. CEC national conference
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In July, ZionFire provided the environment and pageantry for the national CEC conference, "For the Life of the World". Its theme was centered around pro-life and the issues attacking life in our culture today.

Around 300 people were in attendance and keynote speakers were those in the national spotlight in the fight for life. Details of the conference can be found here:

<URL url="http://www.cechome.com/?p=2940">http://www.cechome.com/?p=2940

Our small CCOTK dance team provided a special pageantry piece each night of the conference.

Wednesday: The Fire of your Love (fire flag, fire silk dance)

Thursday: I will bless the Lord my counsel (water streamer dance)

Friday: Father of Life (the Blood and His Mercy: duet with red tallits, red billow and Father of Life banner)

I'll post up links to the videos soon.