Full Version: Welcome to the new ZionFireFriends forum!
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First part originally posted Jan 3, 2021 (topic was accidentally deleted)

We have changed webhosts and are now self-hosting our forum on a new software. (MyBB)

We have decorated the place to feel like home, although there will be some changes just because the software is different.

If you were a member previously, your account is still here. However, you will need to recover your password through the "forgot password" link on the login page. If that is unsuccessful because you no longer have access the email account on file here, please use the contact form to let us know your new email so that you can receive the password reset link.

There are still things to fix and transfer projects from the old forums to complete, so if you see a problem, please use this topic to let us know so we can take care of it. Smile

---------November 19, 2021--------------

Forgive the months long hiatus, information is finally tranferring and our links will start bringing you here instead of to the Tapatalk version of the forum. Selfhosting ZionFireFriends gives us complete control of this webspace. This is a good thing.

Unfortunately some things did not transfer with the move:

avatars and signature images

We were able to retrieve a file of the thread attachments, so they still exist. I'll be gradually reviewing important content and adding the corresponding images back to them. If you see an edit by me noted in your post, its likely that I had remove some dangling XML code that got deposited in the transfer.

thread views are replaced with some arbitrary numbers and are not accurate