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This is quite a story but I thought I would like to share it with you all.

In 1999 I lived in Essex, just north of London. I had been searching so much for the face of the Lord and finally found my 'portal' when I discovered the Sunderland Refreshing which happened at Hope Church in 1997-1999 (then Sunderland Christian Centre). Having visited several of their conferences, I was not too surprised when the Lord told me to move up here and join the church.

However, since I had been in Essex for 24 years and was now almost 60, it was not a move I was about to rush into! I prevaricated and debated with myself and others and one day I was going, the next I wasn't! Finally, in July 1999 I went to what was to be the penultimate conference. I had decided to stay another day and attend an ordinary service at what was now Hope Church to finally make up my mind and that was exactly what I did!

On the way home, I popped a new Lindell Cooley cassette into the player that I had just bought at the conference. In the middle of it was a track "The Kyries - Lord Have Mercy". I had never heard it before but as I drove along, listening to this wonderful arrangement of Lindell's, I had this amazing choreography of flags and dance planted in my mind. It came to me perfect in every step and movement, fitting each and every bar, note and sequence of the song exactly! I know that it wasn't from me because I was not really into flags at that time. I had been introduced to them but not used them in any profound way. Also I had no background in dance or music either!

The dance involves a 'chorus' of sixteen dancers and a principle dancer. It starts with just the lone dancer and gradually, as the song progresses, more and more dancers join in until there is a block of sixteen dancers filling the stage, all following the same routine - a veritable mass of flags all moving together!

Well, I have kept that routine close in my heart, shared it with just one other dear friend but I had a certainty that there would come a time....!

And now, it seems, that time is here! We have a festival of Christian arts and crafts being presented in the Sunderland district between Ascension (May 25th) and Pentecost (June 4th). On June 3rd, we are closing it with a big open-air service and I am going to open the worship with this routine! I have the permission of the singer (Lindell himself!) to use the song, I have the volunteers to perform it (not me!!!!) and I have the faith that this is God's desire!

'All' I don't have at the moment is a place to rehearse!!! So if you're reading this, could you please spare a moment to pray that God will reveal to me the place that He has prepared for us to rehearse. I've only got less than eight weeks to go!!!

Thank you so much!

Oh, and there is a website - <URL url="http://www.wearalive.co.uk">www.wearalive.co.uk
What an exciting opportunity! Will certainly be praying, not just for rehearsal space, but for God's great blessing and anointing on your time there. I just love those times when you already have the preparation started for something before you even know the event it is intended for.

I was going to post a link to some pictures of the famous Brownsville intercessory banners to which the pastor attributed the onset of the revival. But it seems they are no longer accessible on the internet. You now have to buy the book to get the pictures. They were quite a remarkable concept.
Thank you so much for praying!

I bought a set of those photos several years ago. They look great! How would it be if I scanned a couple to let people see? D'you think it would be okay, Helena?
I would think it would be fine if you didn't post the whole collection and gave proper credit. I would check the copyright, though and see if permission is needed first. I'm not sure where my copy is.....but if I can find it, I'll see what they say about reproducing the images.
Dear friends

I am so excited! I have just had my first rehearsal for the Kyries. Only six ladies came but it was enough for me to try out my very, very first experience as dance teacher/coach and director!!! Talk about a learning curve! :linedance:

But they were so up for it - enthusiasm abounds. And they were so very good on this, their first rehearsal. None - except Cheryl - had ever even held a flag before nor seen one used, :don'tshoot: so it was an especial delight to see them trying so hard, and succeeding, in this venture.

Cheryl is the young lass I saw dancing at Hope Church one day and knew instantly that she just had to be the principal dancer. She was the exact image I have had in my head all these six years - athletic, slim, just the right height and - most astoundingly - the long auburn hair!! When I saw her at Hope I was totally 'gob-smacked' (hate that word but sometimes it fits and this is one of those times!!) and just stood and stared at her in disbelief! I had invited her to join the troupe but didn't mention the principle dancer bit as I didn't want to scare her off. I thought I'd at least let her experience one rehearsal before I broached the subject. Well tonight was the night and she said 'yes'! She asked why I wasn't doing it and I answered 'because I'm too old, too fat, I can't dance and besides, I've got a gammy leg to boot!'. I was soooo thrilled when she said yes, I can't tell you! :twirl:

Well, that's about the state of play at present but I'll keep you posted as things develop. Prayers, needless to say, would be most appreciated.

Oh, and the amazing thing is that, despite recently having days when I've had to use a walking stick, tonight my knee feels sound, strong and totally pain-free!!

Our God is a good, gracious and totally awesome God!!


That is wonderful news....things can't help but progress to a glorious and victorious conclusion now that you've gotten going!

But I have say that I'm not in the least bit surprised that God provided just the right dancer for the vision He gave you. :praise:
No, don't suppose I should be either but it's sooo exciting to see God's word coming to pass! I feel just a tad nervous that I've only got six dancers as yet and there's only five weeks to go but I'm believing that He knows how long this will all need to be worked out! Well, better than I do, anyway!

One of my ladies is going to get us in the local rag for a volunteer appeal. We may even get a photo in! If we do, I'll post it here.

Last night I got hardly any sleep, my head just kept buzzing and buzzing with it all! It was 5am before I slept and I had to be up at 7am to go to work (on a Sunday, too!)

to be continued.....
Just another thought to share with you all - I was laying in bed last night, unable to sleep because I was worrying about the extra people I still need when the Lord revealed to me that it's only the first half dozen folk that need all the rehearsals. The remainder will only be joining in in stages and so sequentially, will not need so much time. In other words, He told me not to worry! So I didn't! Praise the Lord. He's just terrific , isn't He?
Makes perfect sense to me! Nevertheless...will keep praying for troups to be sent into the battle with you on this piece.
Your too, too kind, Helena - I really appreciate your prayer support!

Bless you loads!
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