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Worshipping the Lord is such a wonderful, fulfilling, exhillarating experience that it is easy to forget that in our worship and intercession, we are doing spiritual warfare.

In ancient battles, what was the first and primary target of the enemy? It was the FLAG BEARER. The enemy knew that if he could take out the flag bearer that the army would lose their rallying point, they could become confused and disheartened. We that now wave the ensigns of the Lord are in this same position in the spiritual battle that rages on constantly around us.

Just a little heightened awareness will reveal that some of the difficult circumstances, challenges and frustrations that come upon us are part of this spiritual attack and attempt to neutralize our battle strength. We tend to think of adversity as just something natural to deal with, and yes it can be that. But it also can be the resistance that the enemy is exerting because we are BEING EFFECTIVE. One of our former pastors used to say, I'm proud that the devil KNOWS MY NAME. Does he know yours? Are you even a blip on his radar? If you are a worshipper, you can be sure he knows your name and a lot more than that.

So, just a word to WATCH as you pray.....and listen to the watchmen, who see the enemy troops movements as they sit in their appointed places on the wall of the city.
This is such a tricky subject. I don't disagree with you, but you knew that, right? :wub:

One of the dangers, yes, is forgetting that a part of what we're doing in worship is warfare. In my mind, a danger that may be greater is putting too much emphasis on the warfare aspects of what we're doing! Most of us have seen excesses in this area. How did it become excessive? Concentration on the wrong aspect of the thing.

:lecture: If the main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing, won't the non-main things simply happen as a matter of course?? If we love on our God, and pursue an honest intimacy with Him, warfare happens without our needing to be overly concerned about the warfare aspect that happens as we love Him.

SOMEtimes, He will make us aware of a need to direct our efforts in prayer to a specific focus. Paying attention to Abba, we'll obey and pray or proclaim. God will be honored, the enemy will be defeated, and if we get to play a knowing part, Amen and hooray. If we end up just loving and worshipping Him, and enemies are crushed without our ever knowing it--by HIS DESIGN!!--so be it, hooray and Amen again!

Absolutely right there, sister! Since flag worshipping with a passion, the enemy has wounded me in both shoulders and knees but I'm still standing!

Praise the Lord!<IMG content="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b286/flagady15/smilies/singinrain.gif">[Image: singinrain.gif]<IMG content="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b286/flagady15/smilies/excited.gif">[Image: excited.gif]
Yes! And I love the smilies..both singing in the rain (!) and the little guy springing into the air....we may have to add that one to our collection, because he is doing a scriptural worship form: dalag in the Hebrew, meaning to "spring or leap up". (II2 Sam. 22:30, Ps. 18:29; Isaiah 35:6;, Zeph.1:9) [agilliao in the Greek]
We had more relevant discussion about this business this weekend. Had a retreat where most of the movement and musical worship teams attended and were greatly blessed.

We talked and prayed alot about warring the warfare (Hebrew for what the Levites were doing while they were involved in service and movement of the Mosaic tabernacle. They were not involved in extraordinary activity, physically or spiritually. They were doing their jobs.

Think about the warfare that a candle does. It dispels the darkness. It does not have to shout or jump up and down. It simply has to be in order to accomplish its warfare! And then someone talked about an arrow being concerned about winds and obstacles when someone piped up that it was not the arrow's concern. The arrow responds to those things, yes, but the archer selects the arrow for the job, decides on just how much thrust should be applied (stronger bow, weaker bowstring tension, full pull, not quite full pull, etc.), and finally, the archer takes into account any winds or weather related stuff as s/he aims and fires. The arrow, like the candle, simply does its job. Nothing special, they both are simply about being.

Profound, huh? Smile
Yes, the light of the candle displaces the darkness. In the same way, as we praise and worship God, the powers of darkness are "displaced". Pushed away. They cannot remain where the light burns brightly. The darkness must flee from the light.

This is a principle of spiritual warfare explored in great depth by Francis Frangipane in his book The Three Battlegrounds. One book we highly recommend to all worshippers.
All good stuff and good food for thought! Thank you both!

Also just checked Amazon and bought a copy!!
Love this topic. I find that each service briings a new area for me to be used of the Lord and also to stir others up into worship and warfare.

I have a no-handle flag I made it is called "dancing in the flames" and it is about the 3 Hebrew children and the fiery furnace. when I was making it I felt the Lord saying You can dancing through the flames and I will fight your battles OR you can fight and I'l wait until you need me! He reminded me that He inhabits our praise and as we prasie and worship more He comes in.

I teach the little kids that even as they march and use the flags they are to ask the Lord for one person in the room to be praying for as they go about. :twirl:

"Hand up! Got Ya covered in Prayer today!"
What a wonderful word you received about "dancing in the flames"!

If you have some pictures of your flags you can post we would love to see them.