Full Version: OK...what dance step are they doing?
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[Image: ballettgruppe.gif]

how about these guys? :linedance: River Dance!

(this is the remedial version: [Image: polonaise.gif]

Our dance numbers often look like this:

[Image: stickcrunchzq4.gif]

this site has some incredible stick-man animations:

Smiley Garden
I love the first one - the dance of the little swans!

As for the last one, it looks like a bunch of ants that have been smoking dope!!
checked out the website, Helena. It's brilliant and sooo funny!

Oh and BTW - the middle one is the conga!!
Aw gee, I thought the middle one was a large circle dance with a web cam from the middle. Maybe doing flying mayims! Big Grin
oh - very neat!

Hello, Helena!

I finally made it here. This site immediately caught my attention.

What a hoot! :lol: The first one looks like little ballerinas, or maybe a Rockette-style chorus line, to me, with those arm and foot motions.

Thanks for the link ~
<QUOTE author="HelenaZF,Apr 21 2006, 03:26 PM">
HelenaZF,Apr 21 2006, 03:26 PM Wrote:Our dance numbers often look like this:

<IMG content="http://www.smileygarden.de/smilie/X-Maennchen/schlacht.gif">[Image: schlacht.gif]
Actually, I remember this choreography!

There was a conference. There was a miscommunication between the pageantry folks and the dance folks. Both thought the platform was theirs for a particular piece. The dancers were on platform, dancing their little hearts out when out of the dark came a dozen large, looming banners with no "eye-holes" cut in them. Nice sized room, fairly small platform, not nearly large enough to accommodate a fleet of banners and a troupe of dancers!. The banner bearers had no idea that the dancers were on platform and as the banners got closer and closer, you could see the eyes of the dancers getting bigger and bigger. That deer in the headlights of the TRAIN look as the reality of the situation becomes clearer and clearer.

Confusednoopy: moves to :o and then to...

I'm not even sure I was actually there, but I've heard them tell it so many times and watched the dancers re-enact it so many times, that I can still see the lead male dancer's face as he recalled it with sheer horror, knowing that the train wreck was about to transpire. :yikes:
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