Full Version: "learn a dance nite" with Jeainnie Brown
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Jeainnie Brown, leader of Kansas City Dance Fellowship was our guest choreographer tonight at "learn a new dance" night at our church in Olathe. She graciously came and taught the class that she had missed teaching at a recent clinic because of a family situation. And we were very happy to receive what she brought to us.

Jeannie put nine of us through some aerobic rejoicing to music from the worship team at Lakeland Church (Joel Olstein's place) called "Cover the Earth". We learned some great moves and got a good workout, and I think it's a piece we can actually polish up and do, although sometimes we looked like this:

<IMG content="http://www.smileygarden.de/smilie/X-Maennchen/schlacht.gif">[Image: schlacht.gif]

Some warm fellowship time afterwards, too, as we got to know Jeainnie a little better and shared some ministry stories. Seriously, all you Kansas City dancers.....get yourself connected up with Jeainnie and CDF. God is doing something there in bringing His church together in worship.
I had a great time at CCOTK on Monday. I'm looking forward to many more fellowships just like this one. Don't forget to let us know when you will present the dance. I would love to see the final outcome!!

Peace & Blessings

Jeainnie - Jireh Dance Ministry
We are going to do the dance THIS Sunday for PENTECOST.

"COVER THE EARTH WITH HIS GLORY!" Yes Lord, let it be done!

Six of us gathered tonight and put it all back together, and between us we had one good mind, and I think we remembered just about all of it! Since it's Pentecost, we are going to do it with some fire streamers attached to our hands, and the Lord of the Harvest banner, that depicts the Lord pouring his glory over the earth.

The music team will be working on it this week too. We have another rehearsal on Wednesday where we'll do some polishing and then a run-through Sunday morning before service. In those rehearsals we will have danced the phrase "Cover the earth with His glory" HUNDREDS of times......how's that for intercession?

I'll let you know how it all turns out.

We will be celebrating Pentecost at our church this Sunday as well. Our dance ministry will be participating in the celebration. Will the CCOTK service be video taped? If so I want to buy a copy. I love to see how the ministry we share 'covers the earth!!'

Peace & Blessings

No official plans to video tape, but I'll nose around and see if someone will make one for you.
We have a tape coming for you of the Sunday morning movement pieces! And it was taken from the top of the back of the church, so you should be able to get a pretty good view of what we did with your dance! (We haven't got it yet, but we'll get it to you as soon as we do.)

It was a good morning, lots of response and celebration. Thank you!