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<URL url="http://www.inspiredfaith.org/radio/">http://www.inspiredfaith.org/radio/

Inspired Faith Messianic Radio

From their home page:

Quote:We have listeners from 51 countries tuning in to our broadcasts

Listen in for the best in Praise Radio with Praise Music and Worship Radio with Worship Music and Messianic Radio with Messianic Music

Messianic Radio from Israel 24/7 Request your favorite singers.

World wide Shabbat Candle Lighting Times

Blessings & Instructions for Shabbat Candles

Two other messianic music radio sites

<URL url="http://wstw.fm/">http://wstw.fm/

Features live messianic worship services from Israel. Verse of the day has has historical background and messianic commentary.

<URL url="http://poweredbyhadavar.com/">http://poweredbyhadavar.com/

Powered By Hadavar is a Messianic Jewish organization. We support Israel,

Christians and the Jewish community throughout the world. News links for info about what is happening in messianic congregations in Israel.
I'm really liking this one:

<URL url="http://wstw.fm/">http://wstw.fm/

I caught a wonderful Feast of Trumpets celebration that was broadcast on it yesterday and they have been playing some beautiful messianic songs.

Inspired Faith seems to be more contemporary/commercial sounding music selections...at least the bits I've tuned into.
Thank you for this link ! I'm listening right now.