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Worship must be learned. It is not a talent with which one is born, nor is it a special gifting for a select few. Worship is the art of expressing oneself to God, and we must learn that expression and open our hearts as channels of the Holy Spirit.

Just as preaching is an art that is learned, our ability to worship

is developed through application and experience. Worship is not learned by reading books, or by taking classes, or by going to seminars. Like the art of prayer, worship is learned by doing it.

We should not be impatient with ourselves if we are not now able to

worship as we would desire. Learning the fullness of worship is a lengthy process and does not come easily. The lessons God brings into our lives to teach us worship can sometimes be as dramatic as those of Abraham, Job, and David. Responding positively in worship rather than bemoaning the trying circumstances will cause us to grow as worshippers. In many churches we have been taught to work, and we have been taught to witness - but we have not been taught to worship.

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This is from an article called "The Heart of a Worshipper" by Bob Sorge

This was a very informative article and one that has called me to meditate and pray about.

I have been involved in Davidic worship for several years. I had a brief period of when I stepped back and now I feel the calling of the Holy Spirit to came back to the dance. In my thinking, when someone comes to Christ I considered that he/she was already a worshipper but now that I have read several articles and talked with Helena and Dean I realize that is not true.

I would appreciate any thoughts or insight that my fellow worshippers may have to shed some like on this topic.

Yours in Christ,

I especially like this line:

Quote:Like the art of prayer, worship is learned by doing it.

I think, Sondra, in a sense we ARE worshippers when we are made alive in Christ...but very unskilled ones. I've never met a new believer that didn't want to worship the Lord. But just like a baby learns to walk and gets better and more graceful at it the more practice he gets, we as worshippers progress along a similar path.

I also agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with the last statement you quoted as well:

Quote:In many churches we have been taught to work, and we have been taught to witness - but we have not been taught to worship.

I guess many leaders either don't think about it at all, or they think it is like breathing...you will just do it naturally and sufficiently enough to stay alive. But that is far from true. Dean and I believe the best way to teach about worship is to point people to the scriptures about it and then model it. That way it is not only taught, but CAUGHT.

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Thank you Helena for your insight.
Helena has said a mouthful, Sondra. Many worship leaders--MANY worship leaders--presume a lot. And many of them think that all worship is related exclusively to music. So singing becomes worship, right? Singing is good? "Worship was great this morning..."

Yes, just like nearly everything else in human life, we have to learn how. We learn how to walk, we learn how to talk, to type, to worship. We learn how to treat adults when we are children. We learn how to treat the elders as we become adults. We learn how to work, how to treat co-workers. As citizens in the Kingdom, we learn how to behave in the presence of the king. How do we learn? We have to be taught. SOMEONE has to teach us. What is polite? What is a good response? When someone in authority asks a question, the answer includes "sir" or "ma'am". When the King of kings asks, the answer includes "Lord".

How do we learn about what is expected of us as sons and daughters in the home? As an employee? As a co-worker? As a church member? As one who is adopted by the Father of Life?? Yup, we really do need to be taught. Learning by accident, learning by trial and error (with a supreme being that is normally not seen or audibly heard), learning by self-education is nearly impossible, and highly impractical. Teachers are very handy critters. But they have to be enabled or empowered to impart!!

How do we respond to the prophetic? How do we respond to an awe-inspiring solo piece of dance or music or reading? In the world, we applaud. How do we respond in the pew? Someone has to teach us that the correct response is to offer praise and thanksgiving up to God, just as the presenter is doing.

These are hard questions that are actually seldom answered, sadly.

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Hello Dean,

Hope you are feeling better! Missed you last night at Cathedral Council.

Thank you soooo much for your insight.

I am praying that as Father Columcille takes his position over those involved in all aspects of worship that we as worshippers will lead the people into the very throne room of God by His Holy Spirit.

Set us a :fireball: with the Holy Spirit!

Blessings and prayer,

Fellow worshiper in Christ