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<COLOR color="blue">[HelenaZF's EDIT: Judy's comments have been added into the above descriptions.]</COLOR>

The pictures look great Helena!

Here are more details for each trumpet banners.

Antarctica is portraying the purity of God's creation that shines where no people groups have inhabited and brought polution.

Europe is directed to Bless the Lord as in days past when the Bible was printed and sent out across the world. At one time they were active in spreading God's Word. The call to them is to return and bless the Lord

North America has the shape of a fortress across the top. The declaration to North America is to exalt the Lord as her protector and not depend on natural barriers or their own abilities to protect them.

The background fabric of Asia contains many jewel like dots. The trims are made of pearls and beads. There is a progression from the many dots in the fabric, to a smaller number of beads/pearls, to a single pearl dotting the 'i' in sing. This represents the many people in Asia. The Lord's message through this banner is that they not feel 'lost in the crowd', but understand that God created each individual with love and purpose. They are the pearl of great price He paid the highest price for, and He is the pearl of great price they can give all for.

South America is divided by great natural features. They are called to unity in spite of this to proclaim the gospel with a loud voice to the world.

Africa, in spite of their troubles has an anointing of joy. This is evident in their music and dancing. Through the redemption of Jesus they will overcome significant obstacles, and in their worship of the one God Jehovah spread the infectious joy of the Lord.

Australia was founded as a penal colony. There is a general feeling of shame that remains there. God wants them to know that as they honor Him, he will bring honor to them.

I hope this adds some understanding to the ministry of the trumpet banners.

Judy Matter
Great! thankx Judy.....I'll add your comments to each of the pix above.

I know you have some banner stories about Righteous Branch too....I'm sure others would love to hear about some of it's ministry exploits. Would you please add something on to the thread about your banner?
With so much urging - how could I not comment!!!?

I agree they're all awesome!! Such clever needle women!
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