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OK, here's one to hash out. Are you in the camp that says worship is a lifestyle? That because I am a believer, therefore everything I do is an act of worship to the Lord?

Or are you of the position that without a conscious decision to purpose to worship God with some action of worship, that no worship can go on?

Or perhaps you have a different idea about the whole issue.

Let's talk about it!
I don't think you can consider every act of your life to be "worship". I think worship has to be intentional and attentional. I don't see how you can be worshipping if your mind and actions are focused somewhere other than God.

Even thought the scripture says "do all as unto the Lord", I do not think this is referring to our "doing all" being worship. That passage is just about attitude.

Worship of God demands that we do something, a physical something, and do it directed at God.
Well-stated, Etherea!

It's my understanding that every reference in the scripture that is translated "worship" is a VERB!!! That was quite a revelation to this English speaker where worship is a noun and a verb. Not only that but in the Hebrew (less in the Greek, I think), "worship" is a transitive verb, meaning that it requires an object. ALways! Thus, "I worship" is an invalid sentence in the biblical languages. "Wasn't worship wonderful today?" would also be an invalid thought within the context of scriptural language and mindset. The example given me was that of "I thow." That's an invalid sentence in English, too. Has to have an object. "I threw the ball," "I threw a fit."

In addition, the verbs translated "worship" are all action verbs, to boot! ACTIONS, not just feelings or mental assent. Stand, leap, bow, raise hands, shout, whirl, and other such actions.

Because of that need for object and a need for an action TOWARD that object, there must be a direct relationship between action and object, and intentionality in order for worship to occur. "I threw...bright." Nope. Ummm, "I threw, but 'in here'." Nope, sorry. Needs three parts, me, the action, and the thing I'm throwing. I throw the ball, I throw the socks, or I worship God. I can't throw the ball unless I am directly in contact with that ball at that moment, in a very specific way. I cannot worship God unless I am directly in contact with Him at that moment, in a very specific way.

Understand, this is a topic that makes lots of people crazy and is very difficult to address logically. Like so many things in the Kingdom, I think the only way that people "get" this is by revelation. Don't want to dismiss folks, but so many who go the "why, everything I DO is worship" route don't "get" the scriptural basis of worship or God's desire and direction in the matter.

More if you want it :lecture:
Interesting evaluation, Dean, but I beg to differ.

I believe that worship comes on various levels. I don't propose to enumerate them as such, suffice it to say that it comes on the subconscious, conscious and deliberate levels.

Subconscious is = everything I do, I do in the name of the Lord - when I am kind and/or courteous to others, do my job diligently, it's not only because that's what I normally do but because I see the Jesus in others - this glorifies His Name;

Conscious is = that which I do to intentionally so if I give succour to those in need, visit a lonely or sick person, a prisoner, etc., etc., this is done in the Name of the Lord and therefore glorifies Him;

Deliberate is = when I worship Him with flags, or dance or song, when I praise His Holy Name in prayer during the meeting, or pray in tongues - that is my intention to lift up and magnify His Holy Name.

Sorry - this is a bit of a ramble - I didn't work it out beforehand, I just typed and it came. Maybe Spirit inspired!???? :twirl:

My final thought in support of this philosophy is that Jesus Himself said 'Love the Lord your God with all your <COLOR color="red">heart </COLOR>and with all your <COLOR color="red">soul </COLOR>and with all your <COLOR color="red">strength </COLOR>and with all your <COLOR color="red">mind</COLOR>.'
Morning Helena!

I was looking at your poll today. . . .for me, it almost needs another choice or two.

For me, everything should be worship--done for God's glory. . . .Darlene Zschech wrote in her book "Extravagant Worship", "regardless of the method, the act of worship must be in spirit (from our rational consciousness) and truth (consistent with the rest of our lives)" (John 4:24)

I LOVE the way she put that. . . .I will start another topic on that whole subject. . . worship in spirit and truth. . .etc. . .

So--for me, I want to do everything I do, for His glory, so that others would want Him because I am living an appealing life (does that make any sense?). HOWEVER. . . there are times when I really have to force myself to worship. . . .sometimes, worshiping can be like pulling teeth. ;-) even for myself.



(still waiting to read a testimony somewhere) Wink hehehe