Full Version: Hi everybody
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Hi everybody, I'm a newbie to this site also.

Rochelle, it's Krista. I miss you girl. We all (the old David's House gang) should find time to get togther. I've talked with Rich and Shrrie recently. They went thru some tough times, but God is bringing them thru.

Like Sondra, I attend church with Dean and Helena and am involved with the worship/pagentry team.

I'd love to take a look at the dance video's as soon as I can find my wy to the market place. Newbie ya know!
Hey Krista!

Nice to read your voice! Seems that everytime I make it out to your church you're not there. How are you doing?

Yeah DH was a wild ride but the upside is the good people that I met in the midst of the storm.