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Dean and I were first musicians before we ever entered the realms of the visual worship arts, so we have lots to say about musical topics. Both of us are degreed musicians, Dean is a brass player, teacher, and piano technician; and I am a singer, keyboardist, flute player and song-writer. We have led worship for many years both together and separately, and we have definite opinions and some hard-won wisdom and experiences (good and bad) we can share in all these musical areas.

We'll be starting some topics on subjects we are passionate about, and hope you'll join in. You may or may not agree with us...either is OK! And we'd love to talk with you about whatever is on your heart as well.

I'm hoping that we can challenge each other in our worship leading, our song writing, and in the excellence of the messages we teach through our music and our musical relationships. So bring it on, muzo's, minstrels, singers, players, composers and all manner of song leaders!

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