Full Version: ZFF Member Journals FORUM now open!
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Now here is something new we hope will be fun and helpful to y'all. A forum where you can have your own running thread to use as you like! (And don't worry, you can never run out of space. Threads can run to hundreds of pages with no problem.)

Here is what you will see at the top of the ZFF Member Journals Forum when you enter:

Quote:Welcome to ZFF Journals! Each ZFFriend may have ONE thread to use however you like. This forum is set up so that your latest entry will always be the first one when you click into the thread, so it is blog-like. THIS IS THE ONLY FORUM THAT WORKS THIS WAY.

You will always be able to find your thread as they will be sorted alphabetically by your member name. Some other ideas for use: storage of bits of info, links you want to save, picture galleries (5 per post), whatever you might want access to or want to share with other viewers. May it be a blessing!

There's a quick link to the Member Journals in the the top navigation bar, too. Just click on "Blogs" and you'll be right there.

Now, you must be in the Friends member group to use the Journal forum, so New Members reading this will not be able to see it or use it yet...but New Members, y'all just need make 10 posts, and it will appear, (along with the King David forum where we talk about the hard stuff.)

It's easy to get 10 posts--introduce yourself, welcome a couple of other new members, answer a poll, add a prayer or a recipe, maybe post a couple of ministry web addresses in the resource forums, and voila....you will be a fully privileged ZFFriend!

Have fun!