Full Version: Would you like a place for personal testimonies?
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Hi guys....

The thought of sharing our personal conversion stories came up on another thread, so we thought we'd pose it to you as a question of whether this would be something you would like to see on ZFF.

We do already suggest that new members share a bit about their worship background in the New Member Intro forum, but this would be an emphasis on giving our Chrisitan conversion testimony....whatever that means to you. If you are in favor, we'd also like to know if you think it should be viewable by guests or for registered members of ZFF only.

So please register your vote, and add any comments to this thread that you wish. Also, if we don't get ANY response, we'll consider that a resounding NO to the proposal. We'll close the poll after a week and make a decision then.
Well, I guess there is not much interest in this topic, so we will close the poll as of today.

That doesn't mean you can't post your testimony on the message board, you certainly can. At the present time, I think the best place to do that would be in the Member Journals forum. I'm thinking I'll put mine there when I get in the mood to write it. Soon, Moe, I promise!