Full Version: Adding Calendar Events
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We'd love for everyone to keep up on your coming ministry events. We may not always be able to attend, but we can all certainly pray for the things coming up. :pray:

To add an event to the ZFF Calendar, click on the ZFF Events link at the top of the page. You will be taken to the calendar for the current month. At the bottom, click on "add event".

Choose one date, or ranged or recurring event. Just follow the prompts, it's all pretty clear. Then write the description of your event. You'll have the same posting tools as you do when you start a new topic in the forums, and can add images. You could also link to a topic in the billboard forum if you anticipate questions or discussion about your event.

You can put in as much information there as you like....just do it as a normal posting in the box provided. Your event will appear on the index as a link. When members click on the calendar listing, they will see your entire post.

You can also use the calendar for private, personal notifications that only you can view. Just change the "Type of Event" box from "public event" to "personal event". Your reminder will appear on the main forum page when it comes into the time perameters. But only YOU will be able to see it. If you want to be sure that is true, just log out and view the upcoming events or click into the calendar from the link in the top tool bar. Guests may view all public calendar events. If your event is not displayed, then you will know that only you will be viewing it.

You may also advertise your event in the Billboard forum.