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"....We will dance on the streets that are golden

The glorious bride and the great Son of man

From every tongue and tribe and nation

Will join in the song of the lamb "

Anybody else have trouble dancing to that song?

I mean...the words are great......but I find it one of the hardest songs ever to choreograph and dance to because of the tempo.

Our team will be doing a version this week. I plan to use a gold billow cloth which we will bring in and then dance on, maybe with a streamer or tambourine hoop......it will work, but I always find my self exhausted after tring to dance this song. I just can't stay in the air long enough to make dancing to this song seem natural!
I'm listening to it as I write!

The main difficulty is that it's actually in triple time (3/4) - unusal for a worship song and is also quite slow and ponderous.

Personally, I find a kind of processional routine works better with it.

Are you using the live worship track because that also has in intro that bears absolutely no resemblence to the actual song and so is very off-putting.

However, I'm sure that you'll do a great job!!
Thankfully, our music team will be doing it live, so we will have some tempo input....but golly! What a challenge.

You're right...it makes a much better processional than it does a dance number, but the words almost demand that you dance somehow. We will be doing some maneuvers with the fabric before it becomes the "golden street", and our dance moves are more triumphal than dancey, so hopefully, it will be an effective interpretation.

flaglady,Aug 9 2006, 04:03 PM Wrote:The main difficulty is that it's actually in triple time (3/4) - unusal for a worship song and is also quite slow and ponderous.
I just love songs in 3/4 time!!! :wub: Smile :wub: Big Grin I'd prefer to describe it as less common, rather than unusual (I'll make a big list of other songs in 3/4 if you want...). Why should everything be in 4/4? I've recently been asked to dance to something in 5/4 time - now that is unusual. Confusedtunned:

I'll be serious for a moment...

3/4 (waltz) time is generally very easy to dance to - you have a strong ONE-two-three rhythm with emphasis on the one. You can do triplets, balanc├ęs, step-draw, forward/back, step-together-step, or lots of other movements. In fact, I'd actually say that it's probably easier to dance to 3/4 music than 4/4.

I was going to agree that this song is a bit trickier than most, but having just listened to it, I'm not sure it is.

Yes, the verses are a bit slow and ponderous. But (in the version I've just listened to it at least), there's a lot of energy and passion there, which makes it good for dance. Rather than trying to interpret the words literally, you could either use the verses as a "backdrop" for a danced story about a related topic. Or simply fit movements expressing praise, rejoicing, expectation, majesty, etc to the rhythm. Because the music moves at a slightly slower pace than the theme of the lyrics might suggest, you possibly have to dig a bit deeper inside of yourself to find something to bring out. I rather like that as it encourages creativity and understanding, as opposed to just getting caught up with the music.

The chorus is a completely different thing and yes, I want to take off as well. When dancing to this bit, a little pattern I often use as a basis is a half or quarter turn on one foot raising my arms to the sides just above shoulder level with my free leg swinging out a bit and round in front. This takes one bar of three counts, followed by two steps across the next three counts, lowering the arms. You can then repeat this on the other leg. It's just R L R, followed by L R L. If you have the energy and get the timing right, you can make the turn a hop. It should feel quite natural if you swing the arms up as you turn your body.

That probably won't make sense to anyone - it's a bit hard to put movements into words. But I hope it helps!
Big Grin OK Dave, now actually DO what you've just described to the track ......it sounds good until you actually try it. :twirl:
ROFL, Helena!! I'd quite like to see it as well!!!

Actually, I must apologise, I was (of course) more thinking about using flags rather than just dancing on its own. Flags just naturally seem to want a 4/4 timing!
:o :o Well, I did in my lounge before posting, and there's not much room there.

Taking off on the turn probably is a bit much unless the music is a little bit faster than usual, but I'm sure I once did this same thing in a modern class. It's probably Martha's fault!

Thanks for the suggestions....I may be able to adapt things a bit so that my group is able to do something like that.

But I think my main strategy is going to be to bribe the drummer to speed up the song. :rimshot: :linedance:
Well, I ended up using a simple step-hop/ 4-point turn combination for the chorus that worked fairly well. And we managed not to twist ourselves up in the gold lame "street", so that was a success too.

Since we were talking about the "spotless Bride", it gave me a chance to wear the <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=313">New Jerusalem garment to represent the Bride dancing on the golden streets. It was a very triumphant number and I believe it opened the gates for the prophecies that came forth just a bit later as we continued the worship time.
Hi and hello all! Been a VERY long time, that's for sure.

It's interesting that I just happened to pick up here on my return. You see, I did choreography for this dance several years ago. :danceteam: Granted I wasn't a leader and had a smaller repertoire of steps at the time, but I did, and do, feel the L-rd led me in a whole new area, which incited my desire to want to know and learn and do more! :twirl:

Anyway, it's probably not as advanced as what all you guys do, from what I read, but I'd be glad to pass it on, if your interested.

Glad to be back,


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