Full Version: do you have a "most anointed song" choice?
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Worship/praise songs wash over us continually, from the selections sung in our corporate services, to CDs we play through out the day or hear on the radio, or songs that loop through our heads.

What's the song you would pick as the the current "most anointed" at the moment, and does that change for you frequently? What I mean is the song that calls your spirit to attention, grips your imagination and produces a recognition of the Lord's presence.

For myself, I know that sometimes long periods go by in between the time I discover an anointed song and when the next one comes along. I remember one of the most powerful was Robert Gay's "No other Name".......the first time I heard it and for months afterwards, I could barely breathe because of the anointing on it, and could not stop the flow of emotion that came with it.

Right now, the song that affects me that way is "His mercy endures forever" by Jimmie Black. It's a declaration that does not fail to transport me into the throneroom of God, joining my proclamation with eternal beings who ever declare His virtues. I heard this song for the first time nearly 4 years ago, and the next one hasn't come along for me yet.

What would you say the song is right now that ministers to you the most, or that allows you to minister to God the most? I thought it would be interesting to compare.

For me personally, the song that I find "most anointed" is "How Great is Our God", by Chris Tomlin (don't gag Dean!) And our church finds it pretty much the same. "Take Me In" by Petra (vintage) is one that our church really responds to. And of course, "Shout to the Lord" by Darlene Zschech is still incredibly anointed! (for having taken her only 10-15 minutes to write!)

You just have to love the initial teaching of a song though--teaching your congregation a new song that has just blessed the socks off you, and it really goes over kind of painfully. That's such an enjoyable experience! ;-)



Moe, you got it in one! I love "How Great Is Our God" as well and I have an absolutely fab flag routine for it. Really catches me up in the Spirit.

However, I also love "If I Have Not Love" and plan it's one of the songs I plan to use on my pilgrimage of cathedrals.
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sonworshipper Wrote:You just have to love the initial teaching of a song though--teaching your congregation a new song that has just blessed the socks off you, and it really goes over kind of painfully. That's such an enjoyable experience! ;-)

heh heh...been there! I just make them sing it until they get it! When it really takes hold, though....look out....
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HelenaZF Wrote:heh heh...been there!  I just make them sing it until they get it!  When it really takes hold, though....look out....
I have so many thoughts about making them sing it until they get it. SO many thoughts.

One in particular sticks in my mind. Actually, the song stuck in my mind for YEARS!!!

Mark Chironna was doing some teaching at our church. This was back during his days as a white worship leader at a predominantly black church. He was excellent. I think it was the second night. He was playing piano and leading. Helena was on flute and I was playing trombone. No one else "up". Helena and I are both trained musicians and have had most of the keys under our fingers, especially then when we were both playing a lot. The song was a very, very simple chorus, about 24 words or so total. Title is "Yes, Lord." We played and played and played. Maybe 45 minutes on those 24 words. He modulated/changed keys through all 12 major keys! We just kept playing, modulating along with him and filling and harmonizing. Great fun musically, but more than that, the song, the words, the melody all drilled themselves into the hearts of those present. Every single person knew the song--KNEW the song--by the time the worship time was over. People were on their faces, on their knees, crying, reaching for the sky. It was powerful. For years afterward, more than a few of us would gather, find outselves in some strange situation, look at each other, and we'd all begin to sing in unison (in key!!), "Yes, Lord!"

We "got it".
There are a couple of songs that really move me ... one is 'Favorite One' by Misty Edwards and 'My Priest' by Laura Woodley. Actually Laura's whole cd 'Home' moves me. I will frequently put it in my cd player and press the button for continuous repeat and let it play all night as I sleep. Neither of these songs are warfare type nor would I even consider them dance songs (at least not the Davidic dance that I'm trained in), but they draw my heart into worshipping the Lord !
The "song for the year" for me personally was Heather Clark's "Undivided Focus".

(she is a Canadian worship leader)

The words: "Holy Spirit I surrender, to You,

Holy Spirit, I surrender, to You,

Take my life I lay it down

All my gifts and all my crowns...

I am Yours...

And I am in love, with an undivided focus

I am in love with You

I am in love with an undivided focus

I am in love with You... with YOU!!!"

It was my personal surrender-face-plant song before I sang anywhere and in my personal worship time.

"Open the Eyes of My Heart" has continued to be one I use often as a declaration to God.. the cry of my heart to HIM to bring His people into His presence and cause us to have a greater revelation of His HOLINESS!

Delirious? songs have impacted me everytime I've heard them;

particularily; "Majesty", and "Obsession" and "Jesus' Blood Never Fails Me"...


There are seasons for me when a certain song is the 'song of the moment'... that speaks to me and/or brings me into direct intimacy with Abba.

I also believe in the ministry of 'repetition' when the Spirit directs.. in order for us to 'get it'. This is a topic for another post, perhaps... but worth mentioning.

Well, I've found some new music. Someone on the worship list I'm on (Dean as well) sent in some info on a worship leader named Kari Jobe. I listened to one of her songs and read some of her bio and was hooked.

Her music is fresh, easy to learn, and anointed. (You might say "refreshing".) Her music for the most part, is to God, worshiping Him for His character and goodness.

I have not yet done any of her music at church, although I did sing one of her songs for my pastor last week and he too was smitten. This week I'll be doing some of her music during our ministry/prayer time. My family really likes her as well.

Any one else found any new stuff out there?