Full Version: Welcome mimes, dramatics and writers
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...and for anyone seeking to learn more about dramatic arts ministries.

Ezekiel is the prophet most known for his physical parables. In fact from chapter 31 on, he carries out the rest of his ministry in silence, and so is a good model for prophetic mime (and clown) ministries. But all of his ministry uses drama to tell God's story, so the application is broader than just mime.

Drama is a biblical form of expressing God's Word. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, and other prophets acted out God's message to the people. Jesus' own parables were a dramatic presentation of God's truth. Drama has power in worship. It reveals our inner desires and passions and draws us deeper into the meaning of Scripture.

All worship arts ministries are telling God's story by way of their own medium, so we are all dramatists in a sense. We hope this forum will inspire lively input and be a resource for those who come here. Please contribute your experiences, questions, or resources to the discussions here.