Full Version: ZionFire website news
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[Image: ZFlogoflames.gif]You'll find the link to our website in my signature...

.....and in the "Website" button at the bottom of all my posts.

AND....in the top tool bar next to the link to the Portal. (We want it to be easy for you to come and visit our website!)

Just a word to anyone wondering why the website has not been updated for quite a while.

All you computer geeks will understand this. :geek: The website was constructed on a program that requires uploading of the WHOLE site in order to make any changes or additions. Dean is very close to having everything ready to convert to a more manageable system.

Until then, all of our updated info will be placed on ZFF. So come here for the latest!

The new website will look the same, but we will be able to update our product lists and pricing, and make some other updating changes, such as offering a PayPal option for purchases or ministry donations.
Just noticed this topic had not been updated.

The change-over on the home website has been completed, but instead of setting up for PayPal there, we've decided to do the online store here in this forum, as you may have observed. We still have some updating to do, but it will be ever so much easier now with the changes Dean has worked so hard at making.

There is now a link to these forums on the home website, so we are looking forward to some vistors checking us out that might not have found us before.

If you haven't visited in a while, you won't notice a lot of major changes.....it will just be easier to get around. Smile