Full Version: the end of Cy Rudnick's fabric store in KC
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My favorite fabric store, Cy Rudnicks...is going out of business and their last sale is on Saturday. Ol' Cy is retiring and moving to Miami. I may fight the crowds and see what I can get on really good mark-down.

I will really miss it. He carried gorgeous, unusual fabrics, amazing glitz and silks and designer bolt ends that he would go round up from the garment district in NY. It was my best banner-making source in the city. When I teach banner classes, or have guest into the city, it's one of the places I always take people to wow them. I mourn it's passing.

There is nothing to replace it. We also had a fabric wholesaler that I could get wonderful stuff at that closed down a few years ago. Local sources are drying up, and I'm having to depend more and more on mail order. But there sure is nothing like seeing and choosing fabrics "in person", where you can touch them, see how the light reflects, etc.

Somebody play "Taps", please.....
Here you go Helena...

<URL url="http://bands.army.mil/music/bugle/calls/taps.mp3">http://bands.army.mil/music/bugle/calls/taps.mp3

in honor of Cy's retirement
Now aren't you sweet, sandy...... Love your avatar, too, BTW! Reminds me of this great hora dancer hannukiah:

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I like that hannukiah !!