Full Version: Shofars across America
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Did you know about this event? This guy - calls himself The Shofar Man - has been sending me info about it and I joined in with the world wide shofar blow! Neat idea!

He sent this circular email about the conference which contained a gallery of pics. Thought you all would like to see them as there is all the subjects we cover within.

Though not exactly professional photogs, they are very interesting.

<URL url="http://www.theshofarman.com/conferencepics.htm">http://www.theshofarman.com/conferencepics.htm
So when WAS the world-wide shofar blow? Sounds like a great event, tell us more!

The pics are interesting and you can get the flavor of the event from looking at them.....someone has made a very nice set of tabernacle furniture....definitely a large quality bump up from a lot I've seen.
September 25-28, I think! You can read the testimonies <URL url="http://www.theshofarman.com/conferencetest.htm">here..

Sorry for not giving more information but I really thought you'd have already known about it!!
<COLOR color="navy">I think I knew about it, but didn't pay much attention as we could not get there. Prayed for success and life and left it.</COLOR>