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I attended the CDF Midwest Regional Dance Conference last week. It was GREAT!! There was dance, pageantry, and music throughout the 3 day conference. There was also plenty of worship, fellowship, word, and learning. The 2007 National CDF conference will be in June in Chicago. Begin thinking about attending this trip now!

For those that don't know, CDF is an international fellowship that provides support and networking for people involved in dance and movement arts. In 2005 we kicked-off a Missouri CDF chapter. We are now looking for someone on the Kansas side that might be interested in leading a Kansas City seed group. Let me know if this leadership ministry opportunity interests you. Feel free to visit the CDF website at <URL url="http://www.cdfusa.us">www.cdfusa.us.

Peace & Blessings

P.S. Dean & Helena - Diane Ransom from Christian Assembly in Columbus, Ohio says hi. She was at the CDF conference last week.
Thanks for the info and the howdy from Diane.

If you have her email addy, would you provide it to me in a PM, please? I'd LOVE to invite her to come join us here.
How extraordinary! Just yesterday I received a flyer in the post for CDF(Britain). I'd never heard of them before but they are holding a workshop in Newcastle - 15 mins from me - and I plan to go. I shall also be taking with me the young lad who showed such promise on my workshop in August!

I rang my contact from that church and now she's coming over so I can show her how to set up and run a website for her church!

I look forward to more and more.....