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"The Watchman" is given an Editor's Choice Award

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May 26, 2005


[Image: 33402news3ez.jpg]"The Watchman" Paul Wilbur

Hosanna Music

May 26, 2005 Issue #246

Editor: Kim Gentes

WorshipMusic.com is pleased to Announce that "The Watchman" by Paul Wilbur

is given an Editor's Choice Award as an excellent resource

"The Watchman" has many excellent resources available including, Printed Songbook, Digital Songbook, CD Tracks and Orchestration. Also available is "El Shaddai," the recently released spanish version of "The Watchman."

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Paul Wilbur. Classically trained tenor with a guitar. Nah, MUCH more than that!...Beginning with the days of Israel's Hope, each of Paul's albums, have been powerful markers of God's help in the lives of those who love Israel and the Jewish Messiah who died for the redemption of both Israel and the Gentiles. Watchman is destined to be another milestone, a touch point, in the journey. Watchman is a call to the body of Christ "to take up their place on the walls of their lives, congregations, cities, and nations- to be faithful, prayerful, and watchful during this most prophetic hour."...

...Watchman brings Paul's signature style to yet another "recorded live" project. Listen, as carefully crafted arrangements wend their way through your soul, enticing you, demanding that you enter in. Listen to the shofar, the Mosaic trumpet, as it calls us to assembly for worship, as it stirs your spirit-man from the first seconds of the album. Listen for infectious laughter and joy. You'll find yourself hanging on the words of the lyrics, agreeing and "amen-ing" as your heart sings with his. This is not an album for casual listening. It will capture you and you'll find yourself lifting your hands in surrender-in worship.

The album is about 71 minutes of music that ranges from very vertical to subtly horizontal. There is dancing music, thinking music, and some simply awe-filled time. Bring your Hebrew along; as with most of Paul's albums, there are significant reminders of Paul's Jewish heritage and God's love (and this reviewer's) of things Hebrew. The music is thoroughly laced with scriptural allusions and quotes; the selections are interspersed with a few, choice, spoken scriptural exhortations. The arrangements are full of musical reminders of the Middle East. Acoustic, electronic, and folk elements are woven together to provide a delicious and tantalizing time with Paul as he leads a processional to the courts of our Lord.

Of the fourteen songs in twelve cuts, thirteen are new to my ears, and the fourteenth is a freshly arranged part of a short medley to joyfully finish the album dancing and jumping. Part of Paul's heart is to bring new and fresh music to the body of Messiah (I'm glad). I especially enjoyed the deep and intimate moments found in "Holy, Holy, Holy", "Worthy", and "A Resting Place". Paul has done a number of "Holy" songs over the years and each of them is a delight to my spirit. It's amazing what one can do with one word repeated three times. The four living creatures in Revelation 4 who never cease to say, "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY…" will not tire of those words for all eternity because of creative souls like Paul Wilbur who give their all to glorify their God.

Review by Dean Thomas, ZionFire

To listen to audio clips of the songs, read the complete review, see the song list, for more information and options for online ordering, click here:

CD: http://www.worshipmusic.com/33402.html

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Digital Songbook: <Uhttp://www.worshipmusic.com/33406.html

CD Tracks: http://www.worshipmusic.com/33409.html

Spanish CD: http://www.worshipmusic.com/34312.html

Orchestration: http://www.worshipmusic.com/33405.html


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Helena was kind enough to put this up for me. It's been a very full week and a fuller weekend.

When Helena read this review (prior to hearing the album), her first comment was, "A bit effusive, huh?" She listened to the album and quickly commented (very softly), "You were right."

This is one of Paul Wilbur's very best efforts, in my opinion. I don't think I could drive down the highway and listen to it. Not that kind of thing. This is an intimate encounter with our God in a most special way.

I also want to commend WorshipMusic.com to you. Christian folks trying to make Christian music, musical tools, and more available to us at reasonable costs. Good to work with, Great to know and fellowship with. Wish they were closer!