Full Version: ZF banners featured at local Xmas event
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Four ZionFire Banners: Exalted One, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, and Lord of Lords-King of Kings will be featured in a Christmas extravaganza this coming week at the Church of the Resurrection,

1327 Roe Avenue

Leawood, Kansas 662245

[December 7-10. Evening services at 7:30 pm at UMC Church of the Resurrection and a Saturday Matinee performance at 1pm.]

The event is being held in the church's 3200 seat auditorium, and the pageantry and dance portions are being directed by Jeremiah Enna of Storling Dance Theater and Culture House ministries of Kansas City.

Tickets are available for $10-12-15 at 913-544-0750 or email <EMAIL email="jeanne.ackermann@cor.org">jeanne.ackermann@cor.org</EMAIL> You can also purchase tickets online at <URL url="http://cor.org/Christmas">http://cor.org/Christmas

We were there for rehearsal and to train banner bearers and got to hear some of the music. The music is glorious, and it should be a wonderful evening of holiday spirit and joy for anyone looking to kick of the Christmas season in an eventful way.

We are trying to put together a group for any local people that would like to attend with us. Watch here for more details.....

<IMG content="http://img470.imageshack.us/img470/7021/shout6fe.gif">[Image: shout6fe.gif] It looks like we will be attending the Sunday evening performance if anyone would like to meet up with us. You will need tickets - info on that is in the links above.

We're planning to be there about 7pm. If we hear from anyone else that wants to meet up, we can connect in the lobby.
What an extravaganza! 200 person choir, 100 person orchestra and 2-1/2 hours of non-stop quality music, singers and visual presentations. Some very anointed moments. Jeremiah Enna's staging was simple but effective and often profound. Mona Enna's choreography for her small ballet troupe was exquisitely executed in several numbers. Beautiful musical arrangements of familiar music carried the whole evening with elegance. The banners were used effectively and the banner carriers really grasped the spiritual significance of what they were doing and ministered with grace and respect.

One of the high points of the presentation for me was the rendition done of the perennial favorite: The Little Drummer Boy. It was sung over an intricate cadence that was started by one center drummer, and then joined by 4 others in increments as the song built. Very anointed, and incredibly intense. Hard to desribe the effect it created in the hearer...all I can say is that mighty spiritual warfare was done by that number.

There is a DVD available from the event. There doesn't seem to be a link for it on the church website, but you could just use their Contact Us link if you were interested in obtaining a copy.