Full Version: Modifying fabric
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I am working on a pair of flags and am having trouble finding the colors I want. Has anyone sucessfully used perminant artist markers on fabrics like silk essence or pearlescent tule(I think thats what it is). It has worked great for my miniture mockups but am not sure it will be durable enough for the finished flags. These flags need to be flowing so I do not want to add weight.


Yes, keeping flags as light weight and fluid as possible is very important......

I've used Sharpies (permanent markers) on silk essence, mainly to cover glue marks, though. It's a technique I use on my <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/pages/shoppe#streamers">Celebration Streamers. The marker does add a decorative element, making defined joints between the colors which make it appear as stained glass. The streamers are washable, and I haven't noticed any fading or bleeding from the marker lines. I does tend to feather a bit as you apply it. If you want sharp lines, that may be a problem.

I've also used fabric paints (Tulip brand--the kind for painting t-shirts), although that will add a bit of stiffness and weight. If you were covering a large area, it might add a bit too much.