Full Version: Explanation of words needed
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Hi all,

I just now saw "friend", "feeb", "fellow". . . and would like to know the "rating system" here. Wink What exactly do they mean if anything?

I've been spending a lot of time looking around here the last couple of days. . . visiting all the corners. Wink

Fill me in!!!



These are the posting ranks. They will appear as your member title unless you replace it with something else.

1 - Feeb (still kind of bewildered with the surroundings)

10 - Fellow (been around enough to be "cool")

100 - Friend (settled in and comfortable...no anxieties about putting your feet up on the coffee table)

250 - Foster (we are fixin' to adopt you...)

500 - Family (you are a part of our family now)

1000 - Fanatic (you can never leave)

Just kind of a fun way to see at a glance who are our "busier" members. Smile
good fun !!
Ah okay! Makes perfect sense! Smile I shall try harder for the next spot then!!!