Full Version: Music Software and computers
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This really does have to do with worship. Really.

I spend a lot of time at my computer and usually am listening to music and/or learning songs. I'm finding today that my songs that are on my laptop are skipping. . .it's super frustrating. I'm using Media Player 11. I have plenty of memory and tons of harddrive space. I ripped a lot of my cd's onto my harddrive.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing the music to jump?

This laptop camp with McAffee internet security something-or-other. . .and google desktop all installed. . .

Hopefully someone out there knows what I could do to stop this annoyance!



Wish I could help you....but maybe Dean will have an answer. All I know is that I often have skipping troubles on regular CD players when using a copied CD. I don't really have any idea why....just something I've noticed. It's like the copies aren't burned as deeply as the originals....if that makes any sense.
Shouldn't skip on the HD though! That's weird!

BTW, Helena, did you get my email about the buttons? About 4-5 days ago?
No..no email....depending on how it's sent, it could have gone to the website e-mail that Dean handles....I'll check & get back to you.
Skippy CDs are often either dirty or scratched.

Occasionally, they are poorly burned. If they skip on EVERY machine and if you've cleaned them, you have a flawed CD. If it used to work, you may need to clean your drive. They do have cute little CD/DVD cleaning diskies that get rid of the dust bunnies. Smile

Laptops can be particularly fun, but yours is new and should NOT be a problem unless you're also using it as a pingpong paddle.
Morning Dean et al. . .

No, this is not skippy cd's -- I've ripped my cd's onto my harddrive. They don't seem to be skipping so much now, as I uninstalled McAffee and installed AVG. . .I think it uses much less memory.