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Just found this site, and it's great for looking up scriptures, from verse numbers, key words, topics, or passages. And you can choose what version or language to read it in, and even set your preferences so that your favorite will always come up automatically.

<URL url="http://www.biblegateway.com/">BibleGateway.com

I'm thinking this will be a useful tool for our Ministry Round Table discussions. I think we can put a link here for it so that a form is visible that you can use it right from this site. We'll check into it. Unless somebody knows a better one!

Would anyone be interested in a daily scripture verse appearing on this site as well?
sounds like a winning idea to me...I think this sight will be really useful.....especially for someone who has a hard time even remembering her own phone number...LOL :yayisrael:


I use this all the time and it's really good. You can choose to view a verse or verses or a whole chapter around your keyword. Highly recommended!
OK....finally figured out how to do it so that it is available directly from your write screen when you are starting a new topic or replying. It will also be available as soon as you enter the Ministry Round Table forums, the Levite Lounge, this forum, and on any posts you read in those forums.

Look just above the blue bar, you will see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. Next to that, you will see <URL url="http://imageshack.us"><IMG content="http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/6186/forumrules5uk.gif">[Image: forumrules5uk.gif] "Look up Scripture". Click on that link, and it will take you to the Bible Gateway Quick Search page. You can choose whatever options you want. From there, you can copy & paste your scriptures back into your write screen window. Isn't that handy?
cool, sister!
You may also find this website helpful:

<URL url="http://bible.crosswalk.com">http://bible.crosswalk.com

It has lots of study tools available and I use it quite a lot (as well as biblegateway.com).

I'll do a separate post for on-line hebrew bible resources.
Welcome Dave! Glad to see you jumping right in!

yes, that is a nice one...I hadn't come across it before.

So, y'all check it out....if enough people like it better, I can easily switch the links.

They both have good and bad points. biblegateway.com has a clearer design and more versions available, whereas bible.crosswalk.com has the extra study aids.

Some people may have personal preferences as to which one they use. But, for me, the choice normally depends on which one springs to mind first!