Full Version: why should we seek to understand our Jewish roots?
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This is a good question to start with. Why do we need an understand of our Jewish roots? Isn't it all about the cross and the resurrection? Why go back to dusty historical accounts and dredge up "old" covenant stuff?

[Here's a radical thought:

This is the meaning and purpose of the cross and of the resurrection:

The establishment of David's Throne was accomplished at the Resurrection.]

<URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=735">see excerpt from Doug Fortune's book "No Veil"

How about some of these for reasons?

Jesus was Jewish

The bible is a Jewish book--all of it

The bible was written almost exclusively by Jews (except for Dr. Luke, a Greek), about Jews, and for Jews

The Church may have begun in Acts, but guess what? the apostles were Jews!

Learning even small amounts about the Jewish customs, idioms and culture can open up our understanding of the scriptures in amazing and revelational ways. That is what I hope for all of us in this exploration of our Jewish roots. I want us to connect into THE Root...the source of Life that flows up through the whole tree...with understanding and appreciation of all He has to offer us as our Jewish Messiah.

I don't really care if my blood line has a half a drop of blood from Ephraim's tribe, nor do I believe that doing things more "Jewishly" will somehow make me a better Christian. That's not what this is about. It is about knowing Him in a deeper, more intimate way. And understanding what God says to us in the scriptures with accurate and contextual filters. And then using that understanding to bring glory to the Name of Yeshua.