Full Version: Sukkot--Feast of Tabernacles
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Hey, y'all, it's that favorite time of year. Feast of Booths or Tabernacles. Today was the first full day.

How are you celebrating this season? DO you celebrate this feast of God, to be celebrated by all of Abraham's descendents?

Saturday morning, we'll join some friends at their synagogue for a celebration service in their congregational booth. I hope we get to do some other celebrating, too.

What was your most memorable celebration of this feast? Once we have a couple of folks sharing, I'll tell you my own. <EMOJI seq="1f607">:innocent:</EMOJI>
My most memorable Tabernacles celebrations have been in Jerusalem, on the years that we were there during Feast time. Each time, we were able to be a part of the International Christian Embassy's pageantry celebration, by being processionalists, and also by supplying banners and dance garments. It was an incredible, nearly surreal feeling to be in God's city at at that time. Even with the unrest caused by constant terrorist activity, one went about the city (but not unwisely) with a sense of the protection of the Father, for though other nations have their assigned angels, the Lord is the One who watches over Israel.

My most vivid memory is being in the streets of Jerusalem on Simchat Torah (Celebration or "happiness" of the Torah). Jewish men were dancing with scrolls as people gathered, joined in, watched & clapped, or snacked on the delicacies offerered in each little gathering. Those who had a kipah (head coverering often called a yarmulke) could take the scroll and dance with it. One of our party was even loaned a kipah for the occasion.

It was joyous time of celebration of the Word and Law. Would that the Christian Church, who knows Who the Law really is would celebrate Him with such joy!