Full Version: Finally! Me and my flags
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Sorry for the long absence. I have been promoted on FORU.MS (CF) and it's been kind of crazy!!

Anyway, I got stage 2 in my cathedral pilgrimage which was at Peterborough Cathedral. I did that one because a dear friend was over from the states and wanted to see me in worship. She took this short clip of me on her digital camera but I did have a camcorder running but haven't yet figured out how to get the footage onto my pc!! Know how to upload it onto Youtube but there y'go! No doubt I will succeed given time.

Anyway, thought you like to see the clip though the music isn't great ("Sing Your Love" by Hillsong) and it was drawing to a close so the tempo was slowing down. I've added a pic of the Cathedral and I was worshipping right under the giant suspended crucifix so every time I looked up, there was the face of Christ looking down on me! awesome!!

[Image: PetererboroughNave.jpg]
[Image: H45px.png]
How exciting that your cathedral journey is underway. Wow, what a spectacular place!

Congrats on the promotion. I guess that means things did not totally fall apart with the change from CF to Foru.ms. I'll have to check back there and take a look at what you've been up to. Smile