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I've occasionally come across the term "body worship" used to refer to what most people would call dance, sometimes in more of an interpretive or sign language style.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

I can also relate it to Helena's post from another thread:

<QUOTE author="HelenaZF,Oct 30 2007, 06:12 PM">
HelenaZF,Oct 30 2007, 06:12 PM Wrote:There is another odd practice in the pentecostal movement in churches that forbids choreographed dance. It is called "living videos".  Apparently, it is alright to interpret a song with dance movement as long as you are lip syncing the words at the same time.    Mouth not moving? Sorry, you can't dance.    I'm not sure why mouthing the words makes the dance acceptable....maybe someone can enlighten me.  But from a communication standpoint, it is like speaking at your audience in two languages at once.  Also, the dancer's most powerful communication device is his/her face. If the face is busy lip-syncing, the ability to communicate by facial expressions has been silenced.

I'm wondering if the term was invented to avoid having to refer to dance in environments where it is still considered unacceptable. Worshiping God with your body is OK, but dance isn't... ??? !!!

<QUOTE author="Dave">
Dave Wrote:I'm wondering if the term was invented to avoid having to refer to dance in environments where it is still considered unacceptable. Worshiping God with your body is OK, but dance isn't... ??? !!!
I imagine you are right about this. And I also think it has roots in the mistaken idea that dance is the enemy's territory...when in fact, God invented dance, does it Himself, and exhorts His people to do the same. The fact that the enemy has been able to pervert it in the world cultures does not make it his to claim. The shame of it, is that in the church's effort to make dance acceptable, it has now become fashionable to call it anything but dance.
That could be the source, but I'm wondering if it might not be more closely related to Romans 12:1 and presenting our bodies as offerings.

Back 20 years or so ago, the term "body worship" was used as an opposite for "individual worship", at least by some. When the entire body worshipped instead of what I do in my own private room.

But then, words and terms too often take on entirely new meanings and leave me in the dust of history! <EMOJI seq="1f607">:innocent:</EMOJI>
It made me smile when I read the post about "dancers" having to lip sync the words or they weren't allowed to worship in dance! Big Grin I was in a Pentecostal church during my later teen years and remember well, being forbidden to dance. It wasn't the act of the dance that was necessarily the issue--but that it led to sex. (right?) :yeahright:

Personally I don't have a problem with people dancing in worship--or taking part in body worship. . . .I like what Dean mentioned. . .
Quote:Romans 12:1 and presenting our bodies as offerings.
I don't dance in worship--never have. I'd love to. But so far, it just doesn't happen. . . I have presented my body as an offering. . . have you seen my tats? Wink

I think at times, people get way too hung up on things. . .and need to really be seeking what God wants of them--and seek how God wants them individually to worship Him. And as well, realize that if God is calling someone to dance before Him, He may not be calling someone else to dance-- and that is perfectly fine! As for me, God has called me to wear army boots when I lead worship. . . I doubt very much that He's called you Dean, or Helena to do the same? Wink



You're a hoot, you are!

Actually, not combat boots. Big Grin We were part of a clown troop once upon a time and we did a skit that portrayed us as an army. THE army of God, actually. We came marching in with camo vests over top of our clown outfits. We used those a lot until someone lost them for us. Sad Helena's was probably the most fun. Her clown character was "Maestro" and was of course, the musical clown. Her camo vest had tails and she had painted the camo with camo colored glitter!

I understand the combat boots. <EMOJI seq="1f607">:innocent:</EMOJI>
Combat boots for worship? Nah. Me? I only wear them when I want to dress up.

As for human video? Ack. :blink: Blecch. The face has better things to do than lip synch. That's akin to gum chewing while dancing in my 'humble' opinion.

Hey, I had a clown character, too. Her name was Mini Blessings. :wub:
I was "The Conductor" and wore a blue train conductor's outfit. Had 17 pockets and could carry my weight in balloons and stickers!

Since I could not use face makeup because of whiskers & eye issues, I was also the only one in the troop that had a voice. The others were all silent. I usually end up as the person in the troupe who could come up with ways to connect one thought to another, one scene to another, one skit to another, one idea to another to come up with a cohesive thread. So, I either conducted people along the line from one train of thought to another, or I orchestrated the various and sundry thoughts into one flow. Either way, the conductor seemed the appropriate character.

And so it continues...
Back to the combat boots. . . .I use to wear dress armies when I dressed up, but last year I bought new summer combats--American Issue (not the same at all as our Canadian Grebs) and they look so nice, I keep them spit shined . . . so I wear them when I dress up. They look great with dresses--when there's a wedding or a funeral.