Full Version: All I Need is You?
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I've just done a new song at our church (last Sunday), by Hillsong, In Your Freedom. The chorus says: And I love You Lord, You rescued me, You are all I want, You're all I need.

My question is, is G-d all we need? Is He supposed to be our "all"? Meaning no disrespect here whatsoever, but if that is so, why are we to encourage each other, meet together, etc?

I'm not losing sleep over this--this is not a life or death thing. . . . .it's just something I think of whenever I sing or hear songs with that type of line in them.

Opinions? Looking forward to a good discussion here. Dean? hehe--I KNOW you have something to say here!




You know me too well, friend.

A primary source of angst for me is something that US politicians in this particular season are again discovering: words MEAN something! This is a season that the Church at large visits and revisits over the course of time.

In a literal sense, He really is the only true need that we have, for without Him, there is nothing else! By His word all things are sustained, all things have breath, all things have their being, so without Him, we go back to the cosmic dust from whence we came, right?

But like so many things, there are degrees involved. G-d created us in His image. Forgive the romantic notion here, but judging from the account of Adam in the garden, before the fall, G-d created some needy beings! "It is not good that Man should be alone. I will create a helpmeet!" In a strange sense, I think that G-d is needy! That's some pretty wild logic leaping there, knowing that He is all-sufficient among all the other "alls" that He is, and yet, G-d walked daily with Adam. The Hebrew there is a word that means--ready for this?--WALKED! Every day about sunset, G-d & Adam strolled the creation together. And even still, Adam was lonely for one of his own kind. And voilĂ , G-d provided an Eve to complete Adam. Here is where G-d said, "It is very good." And I can hear Adam's commentary of, "Ooooh baby baby, it surely IS verrrrrrrrry good!" Judson Cornwall was heard to tell the story of Adam naming this new creation. G-d nudged him, waking him from his surgical sleep and said, "Hey Adam! I have another creature for you to name!" Adam sat up, gripping his side and rubbing his eyes. He took his hands down and as his eyes grew accustomed to the light, this lovely creature began to come into focus, and G-d said, "Well? What do you think?" And Adam's commentary on G-d's latest creation stuck and to this day we know her as "Whoa! MAN!" Wo-man!!!

Silliness aside, G-d created us perfect and mature in Adam & Eve. Mankind fell and has degraded over the centuries. Sin has taken a toll on mankind to be sure. We are a weak and feeble people. Our best hope at walking the walk is to be walking that walk with Him. How do we do that? By being very aware of the Him in each of those saints aroud us, in my opinion. Choosing our words is important. Choosing those with whom we fellowship is just as important. If we fellowship only with those who are at least as weak as we are, we will not gain strength, but will find our reserves sucked from us! If we assemble ourselves together, we will find strength from the strong ones that are in formation with us and can be a bit more comfortable that if I'm in the middle of that formation, I have to knock over my brothers and sisters who are guarding my flanks against the onslaught of the enemy! It is in those ranks that I find people who will train me out of bad spiritual habits and help me get back "in step" with those assembled about me. That "assembled together" is evidently a military term in the Greek and the picture is an army formed together rank on rank, file on file, each in place equipped and prepared for the battle. It's a war machine! Think Roman army here with their interlocked shields marching forward with the archers and spearsmen behind that, each in his own slot in the formation, marching forward, taking the war to the enemy. This is NOT a defensive battle!!!!!

So, the short answer is that it is not just the men and women around us that we're called to be with, but it is HE, in them, and so the song is still true!

Does that make any sense??
I think the words of that song can be true if we think of God as the source of all we need.

For instance, we need food and air to survive. God is not food or air, so the argument could be made that in fact, He is not all we need. However, He is the source of food, air, and all good things that we need. And that is true whether we acknowledge Him or not. So in that sense, He s all we need and the song is accurate.

Quote:The chorus says: And I love You Lord, You rescued me, You are all I want, You're all I need.

I think that lyrics like the above are meant to convey God's power to impact and sustain every part of our lives....even though it is a bit sentimental and romantic--the sort of thing we might say to a lover. And that's where it is a bit of a weak device....because you can't compare love to or from God in human emotional terms and be completely accurate. So yeah, maybe where the thought falls short is that it is a bit too familiar and doesn't quite achieve that blend of intimacy and awesomeness we can experience in the mysterious and magnificent love relationship we have with Him.