Full Version: our priestly ministry as worship artists
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Here are some thoughts I would like to present for analysis and discussion.

Sometimes, the claim is brought against arts ministries that the artists are seeking to take the position of mediator between the worshipper and the Father.

I'd like to discuss the priestly ministry of arts ministers because I believe that this accusation is a false battle ground. We are sometimes forced to defend our priestly ministry by those who don't quite grasp what it is that we are about. And sometimes I think that even some IN arts ministries misunderstand the priestly role assigned to the believer in Revelations 1:6 "And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father..." So as givens for this discussion, let us say that:

* Jesus is the one and only mediator between us and the Father.

* That we do have a priestly ministry.

I think that the seeming contradiction in the above two statements is the source of the misunderstanding, and therefore causes some to resist arts ministries, as some erroneusly believe the artists try to usurp the mediator position that belongs only to Jesus.

Here's how I see the operation of the priestly ministry of the worship artist:

The worship artist presents his offering...an offering of worship expressed through his art, his physical body, his creation of holy environment. Other worshippers can appropriate the INTENT of that offering. In other words, the observer can join the desires of his own spirit to offer up worship in that way as the artist ministers to the Lord. So, someone watching a dancer celebrate joy in the Lord can PARTICIPATE with that joy as if he himself were dancing.

(I'm going to use dance as an example, but this could just as easily apply to raising a banner, prophetic drama, or singing.)

The dancer does not make the connection to the Father for that worshipper, but the dance does offer a visual touchpoint. The worshipper meditates on the truth expressed, he acknowledges it, and connects with the Father by way of his own spirit. The danger for the arts minister is that we can come to think that we, somehow, are "bringing" the presence of God, or making the way for people to enter into worship. All we can really do is be whole-hearted worshippers ourselves and by that model, entice others into the spiritual place we are entering. We do not enter it FOR them.

The intercessory aspects of worship arts ministry does affect the heavenly principalities, opening and closing spiritual gates, gathering heavenly forces. But the decision to pass through, to "touch" the Lord is always personal and not dependent on the offerings of another believer.

Our priestly ministry is performed not on behalf of other worshippers, but in ministry to the Lord.
I agree with what you've said and I think you've said it very well.

The pastor or priest of a congregation could also be said to have a priestly ministry, so could a deacon, sunday school teacher or elder. Any ministry where one leads others into a better understanding or relationship with God could be called a priestly ministry, could it not?