Full Version: Benefits of registering as a ZionFireFriend
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We have made our forums accessible as read-only forums for guests.  Guests are welcome anytime to come and see what is being posted in our public discussion forums.

However once you have completed registration, you will also have these privileges:

Smile You will be able to start topics and reply in our forums.

Smile You will be able to e-mail and private message other ZFF members after a minimal number of posts.

Smile You will be able to upload custom avatars, use personal signatures, post pictures and have editing privileges of your own posts.

Smile You will be able to subscribe by e-mail to favorite threads or forums,  be notified of Private messages, and can customize the look and functions of your account. You will have the option to receive periodic emails informing you of new events or interesting content.

Smile You will be able to see other member's avatars and profiles.

And all of this will become available to you with a simple registration.  We hope you will join us!