Full Version: share your convocation revelations and highlights
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One of the biggest joys to us at the Orlando convocation was the team spirit of the various members of the planning committee. It was one of the rare events into which pageantry and dance was not just a plugged-in afterthought, but an integral part of the vision and overall planning process. So often, the visual arts ministries are treated as the "red-headed stepchild" and are only tolerated or squeezed in if there is a little room left over in the schedule. To any planners or leaders reading this, our heartfelt thanks and joy to see the visual arts ministry recognized as one of value and honor and a part of the complete picture.

We also had the most amazing group of volunteers. All ages, all skill levels, and yet we became a company of dancers and processionalists who presented a unified, beautiful offering. Only the Lord could have done that. He also provided one of the most capable and flexible dance leader/choreographers I have ever worked with, Aku Sobbotka, from the ProCathedral in New York.

One of the visual highlights for me was the dance on Thursday night, choreographed by Noel of the ProCathedral dance team. It was an exquisite picture of the duet of the dance of the Spirit and the Bride to the song "Be Unto Your Name". I could only weep as I watched the beauty and tenderness of it. I don't know how anyone who saw it could not have experienced a revelation of the embracing, tender love of our Bridegroom as He enjoyed the beauty of His Church, and been changed by it.

Another highlight for me was to see Olivia Jones present and recovering. [Olivia Jones is the wife of Bishop Chuck Jones, and has been battling progressive paralysis from post-polio sydrome.] We have prayed for her healing for so long....and for so long she appeared to be slipping further and further toward death. To see how the Lord has raised her up was an incredible high point.