Full Version: New beginnings
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This is another new beginning for me - I've never posted anything like this. Please bear with me....

My name is Bonnie and I live in south Florida. I recently saw you again at Orlando at the CEC Convocation, but my husband and I were in KC before we moved here. What a wonderful time we had in both those places, fellowshipping with everyone and praising the Lord together.

My husband is a priest in the CEC, and we were the first missionaries sent out from the CEC to Uganda in 1993, returning in 1997 to Springfield, MO (there's the connection to KC). We have one son living, the youngest is with the Lord; one beautiful daughter-in-love and two incredible granddaughters who live about 30 minutes from us - that's why we moved here.

We love the convergence worship that is available to those who wish it. You become part of the heavenlies, it's hard for me to describe what I experience. It's like being in heaven with the Host of the Heavens all praising together! Oh what an awesome time!

I think this is probably enough for my first time, but know that we pray for you and appreciate the ministry God has given you to the body of Christ.

God's blessings,


So glad you joined us, Bonnie! Yes, some of the worship at the convo was just as you said....we escape time for a moment, and somehow enter into eternity where that worship goes on day and night before the throne. As you say, it's hard to describe, but you know it when you are there. We were so privileged to be able to be a part of that historic gathering.